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Skylar's results from The Absolute Freshman 15 Diet has been outstanding. 

15 pounds lighter, and she is still working on more.  

"This is the BEST diet I have ever done!  If you stick with The Absolute Diet, you are guaranteed to get the results you want!"

- Skylar, 22 yr old College Student

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Once I was into my 40's, I started gaining some weight year, and nothing was working on getting it off. All my diet tricks for my 30's did not work anymore. Until I started The Absolute Diet. THIS PLAN IS AMAZING! RESULTS THAT WORK!!! Do not waste another day; start looking fabulous in just a few weeks! 

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I lost 17 pounds on the Absolute HCG Plan in the first 23 days.  Wow, it genuinely jumpstarted my body to continue to keep losing.  The Absolute Diet is outstanding!  I would recommend this diet to everyone!

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I started the Absolute Diet to get the baby weight off and to lose a few pounds before a trip.  Fifteen years later, I am still a client, and I still look good!  I need the weekly accountability to stay excited and focus on losing and maintaining MY BEST BODY! At 47 years, I have never felt better!  The Absolute Diet has dramatically improved my life!  Change your life today! 


The Absolute Diet is AMAZING.  I have been doing the diet on and off for several years.  They have different programs to meet MY individual needs and help me succeed at MY GOALS. You will quickly see the results if you stick to the program.  The Absolute Premium is my go-to plan.  The results are stellar as long as I do my part!  If you struggle to lose weight, this program will work for you!  

The Absolute Diet is designed to help you lose weight fast. Our plans start producing results in just two weeks. The Absolute Diet focuses on balancing protein, sugars, and carbs. The Absolute diet does not focus on exercise; instead, we teach you how to get the weight off first; exercise is added in after your get to your goal weight. This plan is a strategy for how to lose weight fast without exercise. The Absolute diet offers four diet plans to choose from. Check out our diet plan comparison chart. We want to give you all the information you need to help you select a plan. 

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