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I have always had a passion for helping people.
In my early 20’s, I started working in the medical emergency field and loved it!

I would go out on a call and save someone’s life that fed my passion. During those years, I had three children, and with each child, I would add weight that I could not seem to get off. My top weight was 230, and I was miserable. Working on an ambulance, you had to move quickly and fit into some tight places, and I struggled. I tried losing weight in every way possible, and nothing seemed to work. 

I remember going in to buy a bathing suit and falling in love with one, and they did not have one in my size. All they had was a size 8. I thought about it for a moment and then decided to buy it and make it my prize when I lost weight. I remember telling the girl at the counter my plan. The look on her face was a ‘sure you will, and I thought to myself, you bet I will. When I went home, I hung that bathing suit on a hook next to the refrigerator and started a 13-month weight loss journey taking me from 230 to 141. I then met with a doctor friend and had him look at the plan I had created that helped me lose weight. I told him I wanted to help others do the same thing.

My passion for helping people was still there, but the path differed. I did not want to drop them off at the hospital any longer and not know what happened to them from there; I wanted to be there for them through the whole journey. I may not get the adrenaline rush I did while running calls, but I get to see the light change in a person’s eyes as they do our program. Their image of themselves changes. They are more confident. They become healthy again and start getting out and doing the things they used to enjoy. Helping people achieve their goals is my passion.

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